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Providing support through one-to-one listening, building community and events since 2003.

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“Nearly 40% of total [labour] turnover costs

are now attributable to mental health issues.”

Deloitte March 2022 Report (respondents to 2021 survey)

Who We Are

Providing wellbeing expertise since 2003.

We have been successfully improving the mental health of employees in businesses across the city of Birmingham through one-to-one listening and network and training events since 2003.

The BWA is an alliance of organisations working together in Birmingham so that each workplace will be among the ‘very best’, enabling every employee to flourish at work and beyond.



What's it all about?

The effects of the pandemic have highlighted the catastrophic scale of workplace ill health, and the negative impact this has had on people in the business community for decades.

After operating in stressful work environments that affected my career and personal relationships, I understand the challenges that can present themselves in high-pressured environments. This understanding informs the support the BWA offers individuals and organisational leaders.

I feel privileged to champion the positive wellbeing work of the BWA which builds on experienced listening and caring for the business community of Birmingham, since 2003. I want to see this legacy continue, and to grow so that it becomes a crucial part of the culture in Birmingham businesses. 

Tim Skene

Valuing People

The intellectual, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of all people matters.

Valuing Business

Caring for the welfare of people in the business community enhances the welfare of Birmingham.

Valuing Birmingham

The business community in Birmingham matters. We value and support the lives of the people in our community working in Birmingham.

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What We Can Offer

Birmingham Wellbeing Alliance offer a range of professional services to support business leaders and employees in Birmingham and the wider region. This includes:


Birmingham Wellbeing Forum offers unique bite-sized training and peer support for your in-house Mental Health First Aiders (or equivalent). This consists of quarterly one-hour online sessions facilitated by a First Aid for Mental Health trainer. This includes access to ongoing one-to-one support for each individual forum member. For our upcoming dates please visit our events page.


Sign up to the Wellbeing Commitment when you join the BWA to show employees, stakeholders and other organisations that you fully support the wellbeing of your employees.


Free access for all your staff, to a variety of monthly workshops delivered online by appropriate experts covering specific and pertinent wellbeing concerns. These proactive sessions help to create and maintain awareness for good employee wellbeing. For our upcoming dates please visit our events page.


BWA can work with your organisation to assist with achieving the Thrive At Work wellbeing accreditation with the support of one of our wellbeing consultants


Provision of a confidential listening service which provides a genuinely open and safe space for staff to unpack what’s happening, outside of their work and home networks.


In-house, accredited First Aid for Mental Health (FA4MH) Training to increase awareness and internal support throughout your organisation. For our upcoming dates please take a look at our events page.

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Birmingham Wellbeing Alliance is part of ChaplaincyPlus, a charity based in Birmingham which supports the wellbeing of the business community through various projects.

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