The 4Ps of Wellbeing

Welcome to the September edition of Mind Gym: 
The 4Ps of wellbeing. 

Incremental changes can have a lasting impact on our wellbeing. Sustaining our habits is key and we can do this by using the 4Ps: practice and patience along with persistence and perseverance. These principles keep us focussed so that we can see and feel the improvements to our wellbeing.

What will your habit be? If you’re not sure, read on for my tips to see if they spark any ideas for you.

I have adopted a new practice that helps me while I am at work. I set an alarm on my phone to go off every 30 minutes to remind me to get up from my chair and stretch my body for 5 minutes. I have found this small initiative very beneficial for my lower body and back. It saves me from getting stiff and weary, and helps me be more productive in my job and makes me happier in general.

Here are a few suggestions for that one habit you can try out in 5 minutes:

Stay hydrated 

Get up from your desk and make another drink or refill your water bottle

Try moving 

Choose some music you can dance along to (Probably easier to do when working from home or if you’re bold you can suggest your colleagues to join you!). This is also great for stress and trauma release.

Be creative 

Play an instrument, doodle, decide on a new skill you would like to learn in your leisure time or for work.

Embrace the mundane 

Simple practical tasks can help clear your mind, like hanging your washing out, emptying the bin, or washing up.

Find the calm 

Try a breathing exercise to ground your body and mind.

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