Mind Gym: The Power of Sleep

Tim Skene, our Birmingham Wellbeing Alliance Project Manager brings us the February 2022 edition of the wellbeing resource the Mind Gym. A healthy place to give your mental health, or mind even, a healthy workout for strength and endurance.

Welcome to this month’s edition of Mind Gym: The power of sleep.

“One in three people in the UK is sleeping less than they were before the pandemic”. Cybercrew

What’s the effect of that going to be on our minds and lives? The muscles in our body need to rest, recover and recharge after they’ve been ripped in a regular gym session. It’s the same for our minds. Our mind needs to rest, process, unravel and regenerate for the next day’s activities and experiences. Download the next edition below.


To download the February 2022 edition of Mind Gym click HERE.

Keep an eye out for the March edition with a focus on ‘Values’ and how this can improve our mental health.

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